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Take control of your website, before somebody else does

30,000+ websites are hacked each day globally.

If you have been hacked and are wondering why this happened to you, you are not alone. According to a report by IT Chronicles, over 30,000 websites are hacked each day across the globe with WordPress being the biggest victim of cyber attacks.

Don't wait for bad actors

Too often, businesses fail to recognise the importance of WordPress security. By owning a website, you are directly responsible for the safety of your visitors.

The more you market your business, the greater the likelihood you have of a malicious user stumbling across your website. Especially if you are investing into SEO or PPC. Can you afford to be out of action?

Why would anyone want to hack me?

If you fall in the overwhelmingly crowded pool of business decision makers who think “No one would ever want to hack me,” you might want to think again. Cyber security crimes can happen to every type of business, at any given moment. Actually, about 200 cyber attacks happen every hour.

Most website attacks are automated. There isn’t a person trying to get into your site specifically. Instead, your website is much more likely to be attacked by an automated script. These are similar to search spiders, only that they roam the Internet looking for vulnerable sites. And because WordPress is so widely used, websites built with the CMS have become a favoyrite mark.

As a consequence, you are more likely to simply be a target of opportunity. Your site gets hacked because it’s possible, no other reason. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small blog or a large business. 

Common exploitations (attacks)

The Cost of a Hacked Website

Having your website hacked is expensive. You end up spending more money afterwards, than you would had you been more proactive beforehand. As a result, you lose money, customers, and precious time.

The average cost of a data breach has risen to £3.03 million per incident globally

Due to technological shifts such as increased remote working and the adoption of cloud technologies.

Why secure your WordPress website?

We don’t know how hackers can sleep at night, but know all too well that if they spot a vulnerability they will exploit it and bring your website to a grinding halt. Here are some key benefits of locking down your WordPress website today.

Improved SEO

Google loves secure websites. In fact, they will even penalise websites that do not command basic security. So, if you care about search engine visibility, be sure to keep on top of your WordPress security.

Customer Faith

Subconsciously, online shoppers assume they are browsing securely. However, it’s always nice to be welcomed with trust signals that prove security. Keep your visitors happy and secure your website.

Business Protection

From losing customers data to your entire website, there are many reasons to protect your business. Not to mention that insecure websites incur huge costs through being out of action for weeks upon end.

Here’s how we take control of your website security

Our WordPress security services go well beyond the surface level of your website. We don’t just install a few plugins and call that a day. We delve deep into your websites framework, codebase and architecture to ensure that you are secured from top to bottom. In addition to this, we will also advise you on other ways you can improve your websites speed, conversion rate and appearance. Here’s how we plug any holes.

Ready to lockdown your WordPress site?