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Multi-step interactive funnel
(This demo is an example of functionality and not a final version)
The form is completely mobile responsive. As of May 2022, 58.26% of all web traffic came through mobile phones.
Case Study

Company: JG Pest Control
Industry: Environmental Services

Business Impact

Website enquiries more than doubled when the updated, modern quote form was introduced.

With standard contact form
76 enquiries in 50-days
With new quote form
 185 enquiries in 50-days

In addition to increased enquiries, more data and information was collected on top of contact details e.g. building type, type of pest problem, area of pest problem etc. The sales team is now more informed when contacting each new lead. 

Quote Page Stats

38.9% of all visitors to the quote form page answered all questions and submitted their details. Detailed metrics of the funnel allow us to identify where visitors are dropping off and if certain questions may be causing too much friction too early.

Why does a multi-step form work better?

Multi-step forms reduce psychological friction & pressure.

We ask the easy questions first (about their needs/problems) in a way that requires minimum effort to answer and allows the visitor to stay anonymous.

Once the visitor has started the process they’re more likely to answer the hard questions later (give their contact details).

Small asks lead to big gains.

Answering questions also ‘agitates the pain‘ and increases motivation to solve the problem.

Multi-step forms also play on the endowed progress effect – a cognitive bias where people become more committed to achieving a goal when they feel they have made progress toward it. When users see they are progressing toward the next step, they are more likely to complete the entire form.