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Google Tag Manager Optimisation & Consulting

Approximately 74% of all Google Tag Manager instances are implemented incorrectly

A poor Google Tag Manager (GTM) strategy, incorrect configurations, chaotic tagging structures, and a lack of ongoing GTM analysis all contribute to inaccurate tagging and, ultimately, bad data.

Proper Configuration Prevents Bad Data + Slow Performance

Websites with performance issues tend to have multiple tracking pixels installed. They are a big part of the problem. Tag Manager compiles code using Google servers and assists the browsers in performance when correctly calibrated to do so.

Our Tag Manager installations are built with a performance in mind first meaning you can have as many tracking pixels as you need, optimized to work with your site’s high speed and performance.

Our Google Tag Manager Services

Boostr offers a suite of Google Tag Manager services including comprehensive audits, GTM container set up, tag and trigger configuration, ongoing maintenance, and best practice optimization. We will also provide Google Tag Manager solution strategy services to ensure you are getting the most out of your Google Tag Manager account.

Website Audit & Tag Mapping

In order to get a better understanding of the health of your GTM account, we start with a comprehensive audit. Our Google Tag Manager experts will analyze your website and begin mapping out a tagging structure for your new GTM container. If you already have a Google Tag Manager account, our experts will analyze the existing GTM container and ensure it is optimized, consistent, and collecting data correctly.

Our audits include:

  • Preliminary meeting with your marketing teams to discuss current and future tagging requirements
  • Audit of your current GTM container (if applicable)
  • Mapping and optimization of tagging structure
  • Recommendations for ongoing GTM optimizations
  • Connecting your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts

Our Google Tag Manager audits are meant to provide you with a roadmap for the correct implementation of GTM on your website. We can provide this audit to your team for implementation or, more commonly, can work to implement all of the recommendations as a first step in an ongoing engagement.

Setup & Configuration

The Boostr team has implemented countless Google Tag Manager configurations ranging from simple analytics tracking to advanced tagging implementations. We ensure your Google Tag Manager account is set up correctly and configured to track your business goals, integrating the tools and analytics platforms you need to run and track your business.

Our Google Tag Manager set up and configuration solutions include:

  • Google Tag Manager account setup
  • Goal conversion and event tracking
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Click-to-call tracking
  • Video tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Tag testing
  • Debugging GTM issues

Ongoing Maintenance & Consulting

As your digital strategy and campaigns evolve, so does the need to ensure your tagging structures are correct and collecting the data you need to drive your business forward.

As part of an ongoing Google Tag Manager and Analytics project with Boostr, we will regularly audit your Google Tag Manager implementation to ensure your tagging structure is consistent and data is being collected correctly for long term success.

Need help setting up a Google Tag Manager strategy or want a Google Tag Manager Certified expert to take a look at your current implementation?